Grey Kitchen Ideas

Grey Kitchen

Interior design is constantly changing. Trends and social media ideas blow up all over the place, and just like that…

Your house is outdated.

More specifically, it seems as though trends in kitchen design change faster than anything else. And while trends will always come and go, there are a few key decorating and coloring techniques that can help to keep your home timeless through the seasons. These timeless colors always seem to revolve around the neutrals. Here are some ideas on how you can implement grey in your next kitchen design project!

Incorporating Grey in Your Kitchen

The best part about grey is that it works with everything. There’s hardly any color or design idea that clashes with grey, which is perhaps why it remains such a timeless color in the interior design industry. If you are looking to give your kitchen a facelift by changing some colors and designs, here are our tips on how you can incorporate grey to make it shine!


Perhaps the most popular use of grey in a kitchen is, countertops. BUT… there are multiple different materials and styles that can bring grey into your house.

Marble: Yes – marble is predominately white. However, the grey marbling in a countertop is a unique color statement in more modern kitchens.

Steel: Many people think steel can appear tacky in a kitchen. However, steel countertops are a bold yet elegant way of bringing grey into a kitchen! There are tons of options with different grey tones, so start exploring!


Grey painted cabinets are a recent trend that’s easy and cheap to implement in your kitchen! The only thing to be mindful of here is handles – stainless steel handles on a grey painted cabinet don’t work so well together…

Depending on the rest of the layout of your kitchen, you should be able to find handles in white, black, and dark brown that contrast effortlessly with your new cabinet theme color and provide a new, timeless appearance to the room!


For the most part, grey in appliances is restricted to stainless steel. However, you can get your hands on many different tones of stainless-steel appliances which can make the design experience a bit more intriguing.

More recently, companies have been producing dark gray stainless steel appliances that are bound to draw attention from your guests in all the right ways.


It’s hard to make a commitment to any bandwagon trend – you recolor and restyle your house and by the time you’re done, the trend has died. However, grey remains one of the most timeless colors in interior design.

Since kitchen design trends seem to be amongst some of the fastest changing ones, implementing grey in your kitchen makeover through countertops, cabinets, or appliances can help to create a beautiful, timeless style! Remember – it’s all about subtly.

A little grey can go a long way!

Grey Kitchen

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