Top 10 Fireplace Ideas

It’s hard to pinpoint what exactly contributes to a home’s personality, but there’s no doubt that each house has its own unique feel and character. Between paint, furniture, color theme, decorations, and season, there are so many factors that all play a role in creating an atmosphere. However, all those who own one know that a fireplace plays an indispensable role in changing the feel of a home.

This season, if you are looking to add an extra level of cozy and hominess to your house, here are some reasons to look for fireplaces along with a few tips on what to select!

Why You Should Purchase a Fireplace

  • “Defining” A Room

As stated before, fireplaces truly “define” a room. They become a key ingredient in the room and influence the overall feel of a house.

  • Temperature Control

Hopefully we don’t have to explain that one… Winter! Rather than turning on the heat, a fireplace serves a completely practical purpose as a temperature regulation unit.

Plus, it’s a lot more fun to sit in front of a fireplace than a squeaky vent.

  • Great for Company

Especially during cold seasons, fireplaces help make a very inviting environment, which is great if you are hosting any holiday get-togethers with friends or family!

  • Romantic Settings

For those of you who love to come up with DIY dates, it’s hard to beat the impact of a fireplace. They make a beautiful backdrop for sharing a homecooked meal or glass of wine with your special someone!

  • Energy Independence

This is assuming that you are looking to install/start using your wood fireplace. However, even gas fireplaces offer an energy alternative to electric for whenever your power is out!

Fireplace Design Ideas

If you are looking to implement a fireplace this season, here are some ideas!

  • Sleek & Classy

If you are looking for a more classy design, opt in for a granite or marble top fireplace! They’re a statement luxury piece that’s hard to top.

  • Modern

Check out some of the more modern fireplaces featuring glass rocks, colored flames, and LED interior cove lighting for some unique effects and twists to the traditional fireplace.

  • Traditional

You can either install a real one or a gas-powered imitation, but it’s hard to beat the coziness offered by a traditional fireplace.

  • Statement

There are a few major “statement” fireplace designs out there, such as island fireplaces. If you have the room, they’re a unique, attention-grabbing addition to a home.

  • Built-In Slim Fireplaces

A recent trends has been building short and wide fireplaces directly into the way as an alternative for both temperature control and lighting in a room. Check out the various styles and see if it fits with your home!


Selecting a fireplace for your home doesn’t have to be tricky. Just pay attention to the overall “vibe” you are looking to achieve in your room and you should be able to narrow your selections down!


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