Top 10 Star Wars Themed Kids Room Designs

Space is one of the most magical place. It is limitless it is so close when you look to the sky with many stars, yet so far, when you think that these stars are millions miles away from you. Space is no doubt even more magical place for our kids too. And when you think about it you definitely remember epic STAR WARS movies. Here are some amazing kids room design ideas inspired by STAR WARS!

1. Dark blue room with a lot of Star wars paitings. 
Kids room design

2. Amazing spaceship kids bed and desk idea

3. If you have hard kid it means he probably joined the dark side

4. Great bed idea!

5. Another great design, we love bedding !

6. This little baby is going to fight agains dark side, for sure!

7. Personal spaceship. Best dreams are guaranteed!

8. Amazing ceiling!

9. This kid is protected 24/7

10. Hand made ceiling design looks great!

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